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"I purchased the Patricia Be "Nefertiti's Secret Moisturizer" at the amazing Makeover Magic show. It has made my skin feel so

smooth and is already diminishing some of my wrinkles. I also bought the "Nefertiti's Glow - 5 % Glycolic Exfoliant" and it is very effective. It feels similar to the quality I get when I have a professional facial done without the big price tag. The best part, is that I have had at least 10 comments in recent days about how good my skin looks, and that I am looking younger.                                                                                                                                                                ------Jill Holly - Alternative Investment Strategist


 "Having been in the wellness industry for the past 10 years, I am very aware of the importance of using products on my skin that are nontoxic and nourishing. That is why I appreciate your line of skincare products so much - not only are they safe, but they feel and smell heavenly with excellent ingredients and subtle scents that are so pleasing to the senses....and at an affordable price.

My skin looks and feels great.                                                                     ------Priscilla Trost, - Certified Diet Wellness Coach 


"The benefits of the Patrica Be products are immediate and obvious. Knowing the products are free of parabens, sulfates and petrochemicals is fantastic and the results are simply amazing. The Nefertiti's Secret Moisturizer is to die for. I absolutely love the "Hathor's Secret - Cherry Blossom Exfoliant" and "Cleopatra's Cleaner" and Cleopatra's Calming Face Tonic are key elements in my routine. Thank you for offering such an affordable and effective anti-aging skin care line and keep the products coming!"                                                                                                                                              ------Jade Stoltz,  ED - Jewish Federation of Western, CT

"I live in Canada and have recently started using the Patricia Be products. I was thrilled to learn that the products are free of

parabens and harmful chemicals. I will be turning 53 and I can honestly say that after only 2 weeks of using the system, my skin has never looked or felt better. I can't wait to see what continued use will do for my skin. My skin is brighter, smoother, and well

hydrated. The Nefertiti's Glow 5% Glycolic Exfoliant is gentle on the skin but shows great results. The Hathor's Secret Cherry Blossom Exfoliant works wonders and the Nefertiti's Secret Moisturizer is so concentrated that very little goes a long way. The pricing for the products are  phenomenal. I have tried other very expensive systems and product lines that did not come close to giving me the results that I have gotten from Patricia Be. Thank you Patricia for your brilliant insight into what women need."                                                                                                                                                                   -----Liz Bajzert -  Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

"I have been using the Patricia Be Skin Care products for 3 months. I started out with the Cleopatra's Cleanser, Nefertiti's Secret

Moisturizer and the Hathor's Secret Cherry Blossom Exfoliant. As per Patricia's recommendation, I then added the Nefertiti's Glow

5% Glycolic Exfoliant and the Cleopatra's Calming Face Tonic.  I am extremely pleased with all of the products and especially

pleased with the costs of her products verses the more expensive brands that I had been using for years, none of which made my

skin look as good at the wonderful Patricia Be Products do. I especially love the moisturizer and keep it in my purse as I am always

dabbing a little under my eyes or above my lip line.  My friends have suddenly started to say, "Your Skin looks so Bright and

Beautiful." I had not been hearing that will all of the other expensive skin care products that I had been using. The Nefertiti's Glow

5% Glycolic and Hathor's Secret Cherry Blossom Exfoliant are not harsh but very gentle and extremely effective. I am totally sold on

the Patricia Be products. I love the moisturizer so much that I just placed an order for the Larger Refill size which will save me even

more money. I am 66 years old and so pleased that I found "Patricia Be."------Anita Fort -  Longmont, Colorado

"I live in Colorado and have very dry skin. I am 40 but those wrinkles are starting to show.  I have been using the Patrica Be products

specifically the Hathor's Secret Cherry Blossom Exfoliant, the Cleopatra Cleanser and the Nefertiti's Secret Moisturizer for about 2

weeks and WOW do I notice a difference. My skin is so smooth and beautiful and I feel like I don't even have to wear makeup! The

Nefertiti's Secret Moisturizer has helped to smooth out the wrinkles around my eyes and forehead. My skin color has also improved

from having problems with rosacea to a soft complexion with a dash of healthy color. I have always cared about what I put on my

face and the fact that this line of skincare is chemical free and actually good for me makes me so happy AND the price is so

reasonable! Thank you so much for putting this product on the market."-----Tara Powers, The Mama Who Means Business

"The Patricia Be Hathor's Secret Cherry Blossom Exfoliant makes my skin feel soft, smooth and glowing. It's as if I have just had a

facial. I only use a small bit so it lasts for two months or more and the price is right."

                                                                                                                        ------Devira Chartrand

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