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Nefertiti's Glow  5% Glycolic - 1.5 fl oz


"Nefertiti's Glow 5% Glycolic" $31.00

  • Nefertiti's Glow 5% Glycolic contains Glycolic Acid which helps exfoliate the outer layers of dead skin, encouraging new skin to the surface, and

    CoQ10 which helps skin defend itself against visible signs of again.  The Exfoliant also contains Lactic Acid which is considered to be an gentle yet effective anti-aging treatment as it helps fade age spots and hyperpigmentation, while improving the texture of the skin.  Cranberry Extract, which has anti-oxidant properties, is also added to the Exfoliant.


    Nefertiti's Glow 5% Glycolic can be used weekly or bi-weekly to improve the appearce of the skin.  It should be followed with our Cleopatra's Calming Face Tonic. 

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