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"Cleopatra's Calming Face Tonic"
2 fl oz

Refill Sizes Available:

8 fl oz Refill:     $59.00


"Cleopatra's Calming Face Tonic" $15.00

  • Cleopatra's Calming Face

    2 oz

    Cleopatra's Calming Face Tonic is hydrating to the skin and helps reduce redness.  It contains Comfrey Root and Arnica Extract which have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.  The Licorice Root in the tonic brightens and lighten the skin which can help with Age Spots, Melasma and Rosacea as it also has the ability to control redness and flushing. Other ingredients in the tonic are White Tea and Sodium Bicarbonate, which restore the skin's natural pH balance.  Cleopatra's Calming Face Tonic can be used morning and night to help nourish and hydrate the skin and may be followed by our Nefertiti's Secret Moisturizer.   

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