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"Cleopatra's Cleanser"
2 fl oz

Refill Sizes Available:

8 fl oz Refill:     $59.00


"Cleopatra's Cleanser" $16.00

  • Cleopatra's Cleanser is gentle on the skin and leaves it feeling, nourished and hydrated. It contains Green Tea, a natural anti-oxidant that helps reduce inflammation and Gotu Kola Extract which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The Lemon Peel in the cleanser brightens the skin and the Witch Hazel  helps tighten pores giving the appearance of smoother skin. Use our Cleopatra's Cleanser to cleanse your face morning and night. For best results it should be used in combination with our Rotating Cleansing Brush and followed by our Cleopatra's Calming Face Tonic.

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